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EU zRxgg's staff application


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May 8, 2020
What is your Minecraft username?

What is your Discord name/tag?

How long have you been playing on Minesharp?
Around 6 weeks

How old are you?
I am 19 years old

What country and timezone are you in?

I live in the United Kingdom (GMT timezone)

On average, how many hours per week do you play?
I have been playing for around 6-7 hours a day but can easily put in 50-60 hours a week.

Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Minesharp?
I was previously a moderator on a prison server called djnetwork and a chat mod on a skyblock server i have also helped to create a server in the past and have a good general knowledge of how things should be done.

I think my past experiences will help in certain situations such as,

Discord tickets: From playing the server for a while i know how the system should be dealt with, such as if it isn't something i can deal with i should get in contact with a higher tier staff member who can quickly sort the problem out for the player keeping them happy and not having them complain in chat.

Moderation: I will be able to do my part with keeping the server a safe and nice place for people to play Minecraft and make new players feel welcome, i think this is a good idea because new players are going to bring friends with them allowing the server to continue to grow and have an active community.

Player reports: I think it is important to deal with all player reports quickly and properly so the player or players involved get a fair and and unbiased punishment, before they are found to be guilty of the act reported i think it is important to make sure the evidence is sufficient before taking action, its also important to hear both sides of the story.

Working as a team: I think it is vital for a staff team to be able to work together to make sure everyone's issues are dealt with as fast as possible, i feel i have a good relationship with lots of the current staff members and will have active communication when its needed.

keeping calm: This is very important in a staff member not to get angry, this shows that you are a professional and take the job seriously, it also helps to keep everyone else in the situation calm.

What would you do to make Minesharp a better environment?
To make the Minesharp communit a better environment i think we should run all things possible through the discord poll because the players know what needs to be changed more than a few select people, the server as it is is a great place with a fun and kind community it would be my honer to help keep the server that way. If i do receive the staff position i will do everything in my power to keep minesharp a happy and fun place for people to enjoy, even if i don't get the position i will continue to help out where i can.

I have noticed there are times that users get to competitive especially during PvP and Koth, sometimes its not a bad thing but can massively affect other users from playing the game and forget where they are and what they say and i believe this should be kept to private messages rather than flooding general chat.

During my time playing the server I believe I have conducted myself in a positive and kind manner by helping players out by doing what's in my power, such as giving out useful information to new players and assisting with problems that new and existing player's have with certain features of the game such as scrolls.

Why should we choose you as staff and not somebody else?
I believe that i should be picked because i have already established myself in the community and i am a reasonably well known player and have spoken in discord to staff from the server, i have made a few friends within the current staff team, i also believe i bring another staff member from the United Kingdom where i see the staff force is predominantly players from the USA, meaning i will be on when they can not be allowing the server to have active staff at more points in time in turn making the community a better place because the chat can be moderated more often and people problems can be dealt with quicker.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear back from you shortly.

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Feb 8, 2020
This is a really good application. My main problem though is that there can be grammar and capitalization errors found throughout this application.


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Jun 24, 2019
I don't really have anything to say apart from your grammar mistakes. I don't really know you personally, and the detail in this application seems okay too. So there's really not a lot for me to say. Good luck!

- Dutchy