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May 19, 2020
What is your Minecraft IGN?:
- Pleasin & Poutin
( I put these 2 names down, cause we're doing a series together for skyblock and he's an editor on my channel with me, content is being uploaded from BOTH users and there's going to be a twist to this series! )
- If by any chance you guy aren't willing to assign (2) users rank for the channel, please do let me know and I'll figure something out, but if no issue, then perfect!

What is your Youtube channel's name?:
-Frans Network

What is your Youtube channel's url/link?:

How long have you been playing on Minesharp?:
- I've been a Minesharp user since late 2017's and did a minecraft series for the server in 2018.

How many subscribers do you have?:
- I currently have 9.7K, closing in on 10K!

How many views average per video do you get?:
- I have unlisted ALL videos, I'm starting fresh content and monetizing my videos now, so I updated all my videos to unlisted.
I left (1) video up due to it being a popular video from a random upload, it got 45K views and thought I'd leave it there to be funny.

Why did you choose to apply for YT rank at Minesharp?:
- I'm a fan of the server, I've been playing with this server for some time now and watching the community grow and adapt, was very impressing and I only believe in it getting better, I'm here to try and bring a new audience in and grow both communities! ( my channel, and server growth )

I'd also like to clarify, I DO NOT have any current videos uploaded for the server, BUT I will say, if application is accepted, I will have a video out on the channel same day as application acceptance, if accepted.

I'm going to also have old screenshots uploaded from 2018 Minesharp days, just for the fun of it! I missed the good times! Only to hopefully experience more!

don't judge the crap quality! I got them from my unlisted videos lol. <3