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Advertisement on other servers. [Information].


Jun 24, 2019
Hey, I’m Dutchy.

You might know me in-game as ‘_Dutchy_’ or ‘LmfaoNo’. And recently there have been a lot of questions about the advertising of the Minesharp network on other servers. I just want to take the time to make this clear, and make a thread about it, so I, and others can share this to anyone that seeks for more information on why your server might be getting raided by advertising bots, etc.

I will answer some frequently asked questions in this thread, if you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to add me (Dutchy#7265), or reply to this thread by creating an account on the forums.

Does Minesharp send/use these bots in any way?
No, the Minesharp player-base and/or staff-team has nothing to do with advertising on other servers. In fact, we often get raided too. As far as I know, if you have screenshots or any other form of evidence of a user advertising on other servers, they get banned on Minesharp too. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

Why was I banned for ‘bot’?
The only logical answer to this question would be, that Minesharp was being raided. Because when this happens the staff-team usually mutes the chat, and ban all the bots. You might’ve been thought of as a bot, simply for joining at the wrong moment. When you first join, it says something like: ‘Welcome [player].’ And if you joined right when all the bots join, chances are you might be banned for ‘bot’.

To solve this matter simply join the discord server and create a ’ticket’. The staff-team will be with you as soon as they can.

Link to the discord server:

Again, if you have more questions DM me on discord or reply under this thread.
- Dutchy.
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