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Apr 3, 2018
After months of development, I am happy to announce Skyblock 12 - Lockdown Edition! This map we've focused to patch all existing bugs as well as adding many high-quality features. I know it's been a while, however, the wait will be well worth it. I'd like to thank you all for your patience and for sticking with us while we've worked tirelessly to bring you one of our biggest and best Skyblock updates yet, and now, without further to do, let's delve right into the juicy details!


Weekly Payouts
Paypal Payout will be distributed Weekly this map, for 8 weeks. Buycraft rewards will be handed out at the end of the season.

Weekly Paypal Payouts:
  • First Place: $40 (USD)
  • Second Place: $15 (USD)
  • Third Place: $7.5 (USD)
End of the Map:
  • First Place: $300 (USD) Buycraft + Custom Tag
  • Second Place: $150 (USD) Buycraft
  • Third Place: $50 (USD) Buycraft
Build Competition!
This season is consisting of both a Island top Competition and a BuyCraft competition! The payouts will be end of season and as follow:
  • First place: $50 (USD) BuyCraft + Custom Tag
  • Second Place: $30 (USD) BuyCraft
  • Third place: $15 (USD) BuyCraft
The winner will be chosen through /island rate, top rates wins!
New features!
This season will be home to many new features and many new changes! We have added bucket loads of new content and places to explore and discover with your friends! Some of these new Features are listed below!
  • Spawner fuel!
  • HUGE Dragon Island update!
  • The ability to go to the end!
  • The ability to go to the nether!
  • Custom Crafting Recipes!
  • End and Nether scrolls!
  • New PvP Map!
  • New Boss Island!
  • New and improved Auction House!
  • New Custom Mobs and Bosses!
  • New spawn
  • New Donor Island
  • Donator crate added
  • 2 New Spleef maps
Spawner Fuel
For many maps we've been looking for ways to encourage Active Gameplay. We want active gameplay to be rewarding throughout the whole map, not just in the early stages of the map. End game has for a large part consisted of afking spawners previous maps. Our solution to this is a highly custom feature - Spawner Fuel.

What is spawner fuel?
Spawner fuel is a custom-crafted item consisting of 3 different items, primarily collected and obtained on the dragon island. This can be applied to your spawners to increase productivity and efficiency! The spawner will be 1.5x more efficient when boosted. A spawner empowered by Spawner Fuel will be boosted for 12 hours. Spawner fuel affects the whole spawner stack and one fuel can empower up to 5 spawners.

Recipe: (Taken at the dragon island warp)

Huge Dragon Island Update
The Dragon Island, which was added last map, receives a huge update this map. The Dragon Island is now, aside from a mine, swarming with custom mobs and 3 bosses. The mobs on the Dragon Island drops ingredients for Spawner Fuel and will be the primary way to farm Spawner Fuel. Additionally, the mobs have a chance to drop other valuable items. The bosses respawns every 15 minutes.

Note: You will have to complete the Dragon Scroll before accessing the Dragon Island.

Custom mobs:
Custom Bosses:

Boss Islands Update:
Boss islands is a great feature that was added in Skyblock 11. For this map we have fixed a few bugs and issues and added a brand new boss - The Dark Wizard! We have updated and improved mechanics as well as the loot for all bosses. Each boss now drops a rare armor piece. Combined the armor pieces from all 4 bosses form a very strong set.

Dark Wizard

New spawn:

Donor Crate added and new Donor Island
This map a Donator Crate has been added, as well as a new Donator Island. Each Donator Rank will receive 1 Donor Key a week, which can be redeemed at /warp Donor.

Nether and End Islands:
One thing we have added this season is End and Nether islands! Which means you can have 3 different islands! These islands are accessible via The regular End and Nether portals! I know what you're thinking, But guys? How do we get end portal blocks? Well wonder no more! We have implemented a custom crafting recipe for end portal blocks! (see below)


Auction House Reworked:
This seasons auction house has been updated to support bidding! Not only can you sell items but you can now bid on other peoples items too! There is also the ability to filter items by category so you can find exactly what you're looking for!

New PvP arena:
With this Map comes a new PvP arena, with 5 KoTH's. Grand KoTH will occur twice a day. The Map is based on the PvP map from Skyblock 10 but has been greatly improved to allow for much smoother PvP gameplay. A new KoTH has been added to it, obstacles have been removed and there is now room for many new mechanics/strategies.


Changes and other additions:
  • Skills/Professions has been removed and McMMo has been added back.
  • GKoth now occurs twice a day.
  • Events now occur every 3 hours.
  • KoTH captime reduced from 6 or 8 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Powertool has been added back to supreme rank
  • Miner Minions at max level now mines up to 5 blocks at a time.
  • Mushrooms are now purchasable in /shop
  • RPS, Jackpot and coin flip have all been combined into a single casino npc/gui
  • Random spawning pattern for envoy crates
  • Added back pvp party's
  • Player heads no longer drop in boss fights
  • New Island Panel
  • Beacons are no longer craftable
  • Nether stars removed from /Shop
  • The Dragon Scroll has been modified.
  • Loot from Bosses updated.
  • Silverfish and Mushroom Cow Spawners will generate less income.
  • All time Island Visitors menu added.
  • Chatfilter changes.
  • New and improved Island Panel.
  • Enderpearls disabled in PvP.
  • Elevators now travel up to 60 blocks (from 15).
  • + A lot more
Bug Fixes:
  • A correct number of Spawners in the /is top GUI is now displayed.
  • Bug related to the Blaze boss has been patched.
  • Bug related to the Iron Golem boss has been patched.
  • Hopper glitch fixed.
  • Spawner stacker glitch fixed.
  • Performance improvements.
  • + A lot more
At release, a $20 (USD) Paypal Voucher will be dropped in Spawn!

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