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NA DeemedBlobFish's Staff Application

Jul 24, 2018

What is your Minecraft username?[/COLOR]

What is your Discord name/tag?
DeemedBlobFish #6691

How long have you been playing on Minesharp?
I played in season 6 back in 2018, but just started to play again this season

How old are you?
13 years old

What country and timezone are you in?
I live in the United States and I'm in Central Time Zone

On average, how many hours per week do you play?
I play about 20-30 hours a week

Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Minesharp?
I have very little experience on a server that averaged 5 people a week. If a fight broke out I made sure not to have any bias against somebody and try to work it out and overall be a good person. It was a very strong community and I hope I can recreate that on Minesharp by being friendly and talkative to chat and help others like I did on the other server. I can also get along with almost anybody and welcome others with open arms because of the server, which will transfer into Minesharp. I think what I can bring to Minesharp is a very tight community and a kind, non-toxic playerbase because of my past experinces on that server.

What would you do to make Minesharp a better environment?
I would make Minesharp a better environment by being talkative, friendly, and accepting to people who are like me and unlike me. I will try to bond the server together and make those who are left out feel like this is a home for them. I will try to defuse any fights and give warnings. But if it gets out of hand and they start to get aggressive I will temporary mute the investigator or question both parties and witnesses to see what happened to make the fight break out. And I overall want the server to be fun to play and a safe environment for anybody to join no matter what circumstances they are under. I will try my hardest to be liked by the community and represent Minesharp in a positive manor, in and out of the server. And if I make a mistake I will admit it and try my best to better myself and others so we have a safe environment to be ourselves.

Why should we choose you as staff and not somebody else?
I think you should choose me as a staff member over somebody else because I will not abuse my powers for personal gain, and I am not applying for the interest of me, I am applying to make the server a better place and make people feeling left out feel like they have a home. I believe I would also be a better pick over somebody else because I love to help other people, and do the best I can to make them happy and understand what they need help with. I greet any newcomers and if they ask for help do what I can to do so. The last reason I think I'm a good pick is because I'm good with people and always want to make a good, lasting impression of me and the server, because with the helper role I know I am representing the server.

-DeemedBlobFish 2264
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Sep 15, 2016
Overall I think it's a good app but I think if you added more to the "Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Minesharp?" Possibly 1-3 good sentences on why you think you really can bring your experience over to minesharp and I think it'll turn into a great app.