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[Reintroduction] - KingeltonAJ

AJ Kingelton.

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Sep 20, 2018
KingeltonAJ's Reintroduction
Hi there! If you know me or don't, I'm KingeltonAJ, a former staff from the past and an old player.
I joined Minesharp's community on Sept 13th of 2016 and I have to say, it has changed a lot. Most players come and go, it's just life.
In the past, I was known as KnotTiny, KingTinyIII, and MissYuna. For those of you who remember, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused while being a huge cat-fish back then. I was an idiot. :p
A bit about myself.
I actually started as a beginner Novelist on December 20th, 2017. I'm now currently working on a novel which is published as an ongoing series on WattPad. In early 2016, I wasn't a fan of writing until I read a book about becoming a novelist. That's why I made that "Yuna" persona. My alias is KingeltonAJ (AJ as Alarkius Jay) which are for my novels that I work on. If you want to know, go to my twitter page in my profile's 'info' section. In regards to my novel, I have a website set up for copyright issues and platforms where I mostly will be on, like Instagram. I also design my own characters for my novels - and yes, I'm an artist too.
I've become more mature now, not like that dumb idiot three years ago.
I am in fact Chinese (native language), but English is my primary language. I'm learning Japanese since I find Chinese rather annoying.
I’m a fellow Christian of Christ.
Anime Otaku and Weeaboo (I love Japanese Culture)
I'm a College Student
10/30 is my birthday
Took art/piano class outside of school up to eight years (I stopped in 2013)
self-taught pianist/artist
Both Dog/Cat person
Favorite numbers: 17, 7, (anything that has a “7” in it)

WattPad Novel:
Follow me on WattPad...I want more readers and followers.
You don't really need to reply to this. You can if you want.
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Aug 10, 2019
Welcome back ! :p
I think most of people can forget about your past , so don't worry too much about it. We're all humans so we make mistakes.
Also don't be shy on anime recommendations ;)