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Nov 18, 2019

RELEASE: 30/11/19 - 7PM GMT OR 2PM EST
COUNTDOWN - Minesharp Countdown

Greetings MineSharpians,

I'd firstly like to introduce myself, I'm Matthew/Updaet, the new General Manager here at MineSharp, you'll see me around helping users in-game, on discord or through the forums, feel free to say hi and ask for any help. As you may all know, we've been working on a new server update for both, Skyblock and Factions, and the wait is finally over, Skyblock is in the final stages of development and it is with great pleasure and excitement, that I am announcing that Skyblock 11 will be releasing on Saturday 30th November (2PM EST). I know it's been a while, however the wait will be well worth it. I'd like to thank you all for your patience and for sticking with us while we've worked tirelessly to bring you one of our biggest and best Skyblock updates yet, and now, without further to do, lets delve right into the juicy details!

New features
Along with these exciting new features, we'll be hosting a series of weekly events and giveaways to make sure you're always entertained and to keep the server packed with fun. The following features are what you can expect on the server permanently from the start, whilst the weekly events and giveaways will be announced accordingly, when the time is right!
  • Professions
  • Collector Block
  • Island inspect
  • Island permissions
  • Block Stacking
  • Player options
  • Auto Generating Mines
  • New Spawn
  • New PvP Arena
  • New Island Upgrades
  • Boss islands
Below is a description of the most notable changes we've made! Make sure to have a read so you're ready for the reset.
Minions were previously available, however not widely accessible, minions will now play a bigger role and be more accessible for players. You will now be able to purchase minions with Mineshards (in the Mineshard Shop), as well as through our store.
  • Miner - This minion will mine and block directly in front of it
  • Slayer - This minion will kill any mobs within a certain radius of it
  • Farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Collector
  • Feeder
On top of this, Minions are now upgradable and improve in efficiency with every level.

Professions are also a completely new addition to the server. This will be a major feature and replace McMMo. To begin with, there will be 7 professions you will be able to pick from, which are the following and in order of difficulty:
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Hunting
  • Sorcery
  • Chemistry

As difficulty increases, rewards will also increase, each profession has a different max level, however, you will be compensated with in-game money and XP for every action completed, for example, for every block mined, you will earn x amount of in-game money and x amount of XP, these increase as you go up the ranks in your profession. There will be a function to check rewards for each profession, as it varies from profession to profession, using the professions GUI - /professions - for a more detailed guide on how professions work, either visit our WIKI or ask a member of staff for help in-game!

Unique legendary items can be purchased with each profession when a certain level has been reached. Maxing out a profession will also reward you greatly, but we will not reveal this reward yet. Consequently, there are also rewards for reaching certain milestones, this will vary depending on your profession, but will follow the following structure, levels: 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300.
*NOTE: There is more to professions that won't be revealed until release, hold tight and keep checking sneak-peaks on discord!

Block Stacking

Block stacking is another brand new feature to Skyblock 11. This feature will make placing whole stacks of blocks easier and more efficient. This system will work in the following way:
  • When placing stacks of ores for example, place one and then shift and right click the placed block, this will stack all those blocks into one, you can stack multiple stacks into one.
Boss Islands
For this map we have drastically improved bossed, which was a new feature for Skyblock 10. We have implemented a custom and better coded loot system for the bosses. Everyone participating in a boss fight will receive a basic reward and the top damage dealer will receive legendary reward.

Instead of spawning in pvp, they will now be spawning on 3 different boss islands. When a boss spawns you can teleport there simply by clicking in chat, or by using the /boss GUI. A boss will spawn every hour and spawn timers will be accessible through the Boss GUI.

Island Inspection
The upcoming map will also consist of what we call Island Inspection! It's a great way to know what someone has been up to on your island.
  • To use this command, you must either be an Island Leader, Island Administrator, or Island Moderator! You'll then be able to use the /island inspect command.
  • Simply click the block or storage block, you'd like to inspect. It will show you all the data recorded in that block
Supreme Rank Update
In celebration of Skyblock 11, we'd like to thank our top supporters by updating the Supreme Rank. We've made some additions to the rank that will take effect at the time of the release (Nov 30th):
  • Toggle Is-Level in the chat
  • Toggle join messages
  • Scoreboard colour selector
  • Treetwerk
  • Unique colour on the tablist in our Network Hub!
  • And more

Bug fixes
Most of the server files and plugins have been heavily optimized for this map. We have practically solved almost every known bug for this map, to ensure a smooth launch. Although we've done our best to test as much as we can, if you do find a bug, make sure to report it to a member of staff immediately so it can be taken care of!

Many messages, announcements and formats have been reworked this map, this was in the interest of offering a cleaner and more friendly chat for our players.

Change Log
Amongst the new features we've added, we've also made changes to previous features and general game play, below you'll find all the changes made which you need to know about:
  • New spawn
  • New pvp arena
  • Golden Apple cooldown is now 30 seconds
  • Island Upgrades totally revamped
  • Enderpearls now have a cooldown of 30 seconds
  • Introduction of professions
  • No more mcMMO. Redundant feature now with professions and clue scrolls. The plugin isn't the most optimized in terms of performance either.
  • Island missions introduced
  • Brand new island menu
  • Brand new function to upgrade hoppers, island size and spawner rate
  • Bosses changed and improved
  • ClueScrolls updated, improved and new scrolls added
  • Minions updated and improved
  • New Starter Islands
  • New Island Upgrades
Staff Applications
In light of this new map, we will, of course, need more staff. This means that staff applications are now *OPEN* and the management team will be actively reading applications and on the watch for new staff applications posted. If you have previously posted an application and not made it, feel free to apply again, and if you've got an open application, feel free to apply again with more detail if you think it's required.

In order to apply, visit the Staff Applications section, which can be found here - - please read the informational posts in that section prior to posting your application in order to have a higher chance at making it to our staff team. Good luck and I can't wait to read all the new applications!

The trailer
It's Skyblock 11, of course we've got a trailer, we had to do it! Below you'll find our trailer, as this announcement was made exactly a week before the release, we will be rewarding all players for re-uploading our trailer on YouTube or any other platform including Instagram or Twitter during the week following up to the release. The following rewards will be awarded to those who repost and share the trailer:
  • 2x Legendary Cratekey
There are however requirements to be eligible for this: if you are reposting the trailer on social media (other than YouTube), you must not have made a new account for this purpose, and you should have a following, there are no requirements regarding YouTube, anyone can upload our trailer.

Now, onto even more exciting stuff, giveaways! In celebration of the release of Skyblock 11, we will be running two individual giveaways in the run up to our release on Saturday. These giveaways will run as followed:
  • Discord Giveaway - An announcement will be made on Discord regarding the giveaway and you will have until the day of the release to enter by rating the post, the following will be given away: 5x $20 Buycraft Voucher
  • Forums Giveaway - In order to enter the giveaway on the forums, you must have a forums account, and you will need to leave a reaction to this thread and comment an interesting fact about anything you want, the following will be up for grabs for this giveaway: 2x $25 Buycraft Voucher
You may only enter once, and if you are found creating multiple accounts to enter any of the giveaways, your entry will be disqualified.

I would like to thank every single one of you for being patient and joining us for the release of Skyblock 11. I hope you are all as excited as we are, and we cannot wait to see you soon. Good luck with the giveaways and good luck to those who chose to take part in our staff application process. I can't wait to see all of our MineSharpians online and actively playing again, see you soon!

Thank you,


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Dec 30, 2016
I haven't played on this server in a really long time, probably 2017. I might get back on to see if it's fun though!
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