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NA Revalations Staff Application

What is your Minecraft username?
- Revalations

What is your Discord name/tag?
- Codder is my discord name but my nickname is Rev

How long have you been playing on Minesharp?
- A few years

How old are you?
- 14

What country and timezone are you in?

On average, how many hours per week do you play?
- About 4 a day so 20 hours a week not including weekends

Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Minesharp?
- I do have past moderation experiences for example, I have been a helper on a small server which has given me some experience I could use in Minesharp. I have seen many staff in the past years on Minesharp do a very good job for example I have seen how the staff are nice to players who are doing the right thing. I have also seen how most staff members dealt with players who are not doing the right thing. Some of this is just basic but I also know more of the complicated things like commands, I know most of the commands. In this amount of time it has made me more experienced just by watching. Since I have a good amount of experience I could use that in Minesharp to help keep the server happy and make sure everyone has a fun time!

What would you do to make Minesharp a better environment?
- If I do get accepted for Helper I would try to make sure everyone is happy, and make sure people are doing the right thing. Another thing I would do is stay as active as possible. I would make the server environment a better place by welcoming every player and help them out if they are new, I would also help players who have more experience. Another thing that makes me help the environment is because I am easy to contact, I am on the discord, and on the server all the time, and usually not AFK. If I do get accepted to the Minesharp Staff Community I would use every second of my time on and off the server to make sure everyone is happy and dont need help. Another thing that I would do to make Minesharp a better community is making sure the pvp area is clean without hackers. I am always in the pvp area for example when there are koths and envoys you will see me there. The last thing that I would do to make the Minesharp community better is be online whenever I can which is almost always. The reason I say this is because sometimes I never see staff on or there may be a little. Sometimes I ask for help and they are just ignoring me and arguing with someone in chat or discord, and I want to change that.

Why should we choose you as staff and not somebody else?
- I am confident you should choose me because I am very active unlike others and I really want to help out as many players as I can at the top quality I can. I also want to be a role model for some people. Some people who become staff only do it for the tag which bothers me. Another thing that you should choose me for is that even if im in the middle of doing something for myself and someone ask for help, I will stop what im doing immediately to help them. This is a good quality because most people will ignore a player if they ask for help because they might be doing something for themselves. I have personally expirenced this, for example one time I asked for help and than they did not answer so I tped to their island and they were building something for themselves (They were a staff member). Another thing that I do better than some others is I can be easy to contact, for example some staff members might not check their discord often. Which could be bad because there might be a ticket that someone has made and is not being answered which keeps the player waiting. Some staff members might not have as much experience as me for example they might have never been staff on any server. This could mean they might be slower with commands and knowing what to do with someone who is doing something bad.

AJ Kingelton.

Active Member
"a few years" is too simple to say. You should probably change it or be more specific about how much you played here on Minesharp.
Overall, you got a decent app, but add more detail if you can!


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Hey Revalations,
I've seen you about on the Minesharp server and you do seem to try your best being a good person and I honestly respect that.
I'd first like to state the fact that you might have forgotten to put in your Discord tag as it's necessary on the question where it says to put your Discord username, if you don't know what I mean for example a tag is #6426 it's 4 digits and comes after your username.
I'm going to be honest here i've never seen you really play the Minesharp server other than the few days that you were online. 'A few years' doesn't really explain how much you've actually been playing on the Minesharp server, i'd like you to keep that in mind.

First some things that i'd like to reccomend to you:
1: I reccomend that you become more active on the Minesharp server and try your best to engage in the server's community.
2: Become active on the Minesharp Discord and website.
3: Add more detail to your playtime on Minesharp.
4: Fix some spelling mistakes in your staff application.
PS: You do seem to be repeating yourself a few times in your staff application, I would personally reccomend that you go over your application again and fix those mistakes.

Other than that your staff application does have a pretty good ammount of information and you are a pretty nice person in-game, good luck and I wish you all the best. :)



When you said that you are usually not afk, you aren’t allowed to be afk on your main account at all, it’s alright for a couple of minutes but you aren’t allowed to be afk. Also when you said that you have played MineSharp for “a couple years” it’s not specific enough.
You have a few grammatical errors and you have to tell us what country you are from. I don’t normally see you on discord and I’m pretty active on it. Tell us what your discord tag is next to your discord name. Overall, needs improvement. [/COLOR]


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Revalations, if your staff appliction were to be denied you will have to wait around 2 weeks before re-applying though I would honestly reccomend more for you as you need to engage more in the community, thanks.


You constantly ask if this application has been denied but you aren’t willing to take the necessary steps for us staff members to see it and get surprised by how good it is. Fix the discord name and tag and also fix how long you have been playing Minesharp. Wait for a response by higher up staff members and until then work on your staff app. Good luck.