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NA Staff Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your Discord name/tag?

How long have you been playing on Minesharp?
I first started playing Minesharp December 31, 2016, but I quit Minesharp for around a year and now I am back and I play a lot more now.

How old are you?
I'm 14 years old

What country and timezone are you in?
America and EST

On average, how many hours per week do you play?
I play around 3-4 hours a day so I think around 21 hours a week I will be on.

Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Minesharp?
I was a helper on other servers such as the server NinjaFactions. But NinjaFactions is now a dead server so I would like to help another server like this one. I helped new people find there way around the server. I helped stop bullying between people by giving them a warning and talking to them politely. I can use that experience to help people that are getting cyberbullied and help them. Being a helper in that server helped me realize that a lot of people need help and I can make a difference. From that small server I learned that the staff of the server are supposed to make good impressions right away and care for the members of the server. I learned that I could make a persons day by talking nicely to them and helping them around the server. The staff should be there when the members are in need.

What would you do to make Minesharp a better environment?
Not tolerating cyberbullying and hacking. I will moderate chat and help out in the discord server. If anybody needs me I will be there for them and I will watch over this server. I also think that I could help especially with new players to help them get started and tell them simple commands such as /is and /spawn and /pvp. I will be dedicated to helping stop bullying and hacking. I know that anybody can stop hacking but I will make a real difference in creating a non-toxic environment. I will also help prevent bot attacks from happening so that they don't ruin the server. I always stare at the chat even when I am doing my homework. If somebody needs me or there is something inappropriate going on I will act on it. I think that people’s voices need to be heard especially if they can’t get onto forums to solve a problem. I will make the environment free of problems with all the time I have to help.

Why should we choose you as staff and not somebody else?
I think you should choose me because I think that I can make a real difference by helping to bring a server that is toxic-free and I will make sure that Minesharp will be helpful to new players. I’m normally friendly to all the new members to this server. I also welcome and help out around the server. For instance, two days ago I helped out a fellow member with destroying his spawners and replacing them. You should choose me because I am confident about being a person who can help out. I understand other people may believe that they can easily be a helper, but they are probably not as experienced as I am with this kind of community. I have been playing Minecraft for 3 years and I always know what to say when I see bullying in the chat or someone needing help. I'm good at typing also which will help me fix problems easier and faster. I think that I can help people on forums that need help. I will also view the reports and the punishment appeals. I won’t ever use my rank to destroy other people’s games and I won’t ever abuse them. Lately some of the vote keys haven’t been going in and I will make sure that the person gets their key and their money. Also to people who’s donations irl money I will make sure that they get their items. I will also make sure to tell a fellow staff member about the situation and get help. Thank you.
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This is a good application. No errors that I picked upon but if there are any that’s been besides the point. As I said over dm, try and include some more information to the last 3 questions if possible.

Good luck



I watched you sit on the server for about 20 minutes helping other players non-stop while no staff was online. You helped every single person who was asking questions perfectly, and did everything a helper is asked to do. Keep up the good work and I hope I get to see you as a helper soon! Best of luck.


Administrator | Staff Manager
I've had you recommended to me by a few people, I've seen how friendly and welcoming you are myself, I do like your application. I'm moving you to consideration!