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A Little Disapointed


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Look, I don't play the ''Skyblock Server" But I know that bot's aren't okay. Even if anything is struggling! It glitched out our server. I hope you don't try to do it again.


I'm confused also but I think you are talking about the advertising bots, if so. Yes, we are aware of them but as far that I know there is not much we can do about them. We do see some people join the server and ask for a free rank since that is what the bots are advertising so I checked on that other server and there was indeed a bot in 'hub'. We did not send or use any bots for such kind of activity best thing you can do is to let the staff of that server know so they can ban the bot on the server.

I hope this kinda answers your question, if not please be a bit more clear with what you mean.


If you are talking about advertising bots, they are not owned or operated by any of the staff or members of Minesharp. If you're having issues with the bots on your server, it's best to get in contact with staff, and take appropriate measures to stop them from coming on your server.

AJ Kingelton.

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If you're talking about the high inconsistent rates on the Minesharp Banner in the multiplayer section of your screen as "Player Count.."
It's bugged.