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Nightmare Quest Guide


Jul 11, 2019
Nightmare Quest guide written by: SnappleMaster

All quests can be completed by either crafting or purchasing the items, BUT you must drop the item and pick it up after crafting or purchasing said item. These also require some trial and error- so please don’t try once. It may take a couple tries, but the rewards are well worth it.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game! I’d love to help out!

Nightmare Quest #1 North, East, South, West… Which way do I go?
Answer: chop down a couple trees

Nightmare Quest #2 This will be my lighthouse when I am lost.
Answer: a beacon.

Nightmare Quest #3 Used to name companions
Answer: a nametag

Nightmare Quest #4 Great for special occasions, and fun to bake!
Answer: cake

Nightmare Quest #5 Heavy metal used to protect companions.
Answer: Iron horse armor.

Nightmare Quest #6 One of these does the trick during Halloween.
Answer: a jack o'lantern

Nightmare Quest #7 Day or night? How do I know?
Answer: clock

Nightmare Quest #8 What is that goo?
Answer: slime Ball

Nightmare Quest #9 What is that glowing stone in the cave?
Answer: Redstone Dust

Nightmare Quest #10 Something that is used for metalworking.
Answer: anvil

Nightmare Quest #11 A shiny star that glows so bright.
Answer: nether star

Nightmare Quest #12 The best item to start the day.
Answer: an egg

Nightmare Quest #13 You understand me what I say.
Answer: a sign post

Nightmare Quest #14 I have feathers and I can FLY!
Answer: a arrow

Nightmare Quest #15 The block that causes mayhem!
Answer: tnt

Nightmare Quest #16 This food can save you from dying!
Answer: golden apple. NOT a enchanted apple.

Nightmare Quest #17 Use it to enter another dimension.
Answer: eye of ender

Nightmare Quest #18 Is it there or there, I must check.
Answer: a map

Nightmare Quest #19 The material that is formed when 2 liquids meet.
Answer: obsidian

Nightmare Quest #20 Do I carry that or that or that?
Answer: bucket

Nightmare Quest #21 Give this to a girl and be her valentine.
Answer: poppy

Nightmare Quest #22 Women go craxy over this gem!
Answer: diamond
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Jul 11, 2019
1 and 14 are wrong
1 is a compass and 14 is an arrow
When xXDarkenDragonXx and I did the quests chopping down trees was the solution to riddle 1. We had tried compass's and they didn't work. And 14 was a error on my end, it was suppose to be arrow. I typed these up late after I got off work last night.


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Jul 4, 2018
I really appreciate the time that you took to make this guide because at most times new players wouldn't know how to do this or even active players sometimes would not know how to complete the scroll. Even though some of the questions are wrong or misleading you still explained each question with detail and how to do it so i give you a thumbs up for that, good job! :)
PS: Never really realised that this was here until the user above posted on here...