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Dungeons Guide

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Minesharp Dungeons
Dungeons is a current LARGE feature on the Minesharp Network. This guide has been created to ensure that you all understand how Dungeons works and how it runs!

Dungeon is a mob arena type of Minigame, and can last forever. Though Dungeons has the option to last forever, the rewards stop after you reach Phase 100 (phases will be explained later on in this guide).


There are currently a total of 12 ARENAS on the server as of now. Each Map has one mode (Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads). There are currently 3 maps, and we look forward into adding more maps to our map list.

To join an arena, use /dungeons, select the mode, and finally select a map. Once in the lobby, you'll have a npc to select a class, and once you have all the players and have selected your class, your game will start.

Each arena has one player spawnpoint, and four mob spawnpoints, but note that not all spawnpoints are used each wave.


Waves or Phases are the amount of mobs that spawn in a certain amount of time. As your wave increases, bosses and swarms become harder. After each five phases you will be receiving a reward, and after each boss phase, you will be receiving a reward as well.

A swarm, which is a high amount of mobs, will spawn every 10 waves, starting on Wave 5, until Wave 95.
A boss, which is an awesome mob with epic skills, will spawn every 10 waves, starting on Wave 10, ending on Wave 100.


Classes or kits are the items you will have. There are currently FOUR classes which will be listed below.

  • Diamond Sword (Sharpness III)
  • 3 Strength Potions
  • 10 Healing Potions
  • 64 Steak
  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Chestplate
  • Iron Leggings
  • Iron Boots

  • Iron Sword
  • 10 Healing Potions
  • 64 Steak
  • Diamond Helmet (Protection I)
  • Diamond Chestplate (Protection I)
  • Diamond Leggings (Protection I)
  • Diamond Boots (Protection I)

  • Bow (Power III, Infinity)
  • 1 Arrow
  • 10 Healing Potions
  • 64 Steak
  • Chainmail Helmet
  • Chainmail Chestplate
  • Chainmail Leggings
  • Chainmail Boots

  • Iron Sword
  • 3 Speed Potions
  • 15 Healing Potions
  • 5 Splash Weakness Potions
  • 64 Steak
  • Gold Helmet
  • Gold Chestplate
  • Gold Leggings
  • Gold Boots


Normal Rewards will be given every FIVE waves(Waves 5 - 95), and rewards will also be given every boss that you have killed(Waves 10-100)

The following Rewards have been listed below.


WAVE 5: 3500 XP
WAVE 15: 1 Mystery Clue Scroll
WAVE 25: 50 Mineshards
WAVE 35: 128 Diamond Blocks
WAVE 45: $25000
WAVE 55: 10000 XP
WAVE 65: $50000
WAVE 75: 320 Emerald Blocks
WAVE 85: 25000 XP
WAVE 95: $100000

BOSS 1: 5000 XP
BOSS 2: $50,000
BOSS 3: 150 Mineshards
BOSS 4: $150,000
BOSS 5: 2x Ancient Key
BOSS 6: 30000 XP
BOSS 7: 300 Mineshards
BOSS 8: $350,000
BOSS 9: 576 Emerald Blocks
BOSS 10: DungeonMaster Tag, $500,000, 500 Mineshards, 45000 XP

If you have any questions, please send me a message via discord: Confidential#0001.
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