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Official Skyblock Map 10 | $1250 Prize Pool | A Summer to Remember



Greetings All Minesharpians,
It's finally time to show what our team has been working hard on so that we can bring you the map you have all been waiting for. We've spent hours doing our best to perfect each and every plugin in order to make it as enjoyable as possible. Let's dive right in and show you some of the changes you can be expecting to see in Map 10.

Brand New Features:

Minesharp Dungeons
We are introducing a feature, called Minesharp Dungeons, on Skyblock! Dungeons is an awesome mob arena game, that will never leave you bored. Each dungeon has multiple mobs for you to fight and even bosses that will spawn during the fight. The bosses have special ability and grants you loot.

Dungeons Mobs
Dungeons Mobs have multiple exclusive skills that are to leave you to keep fighting or leave you killed. You will only receive ONE life in dungeons, if a mob has killed you, you will be teleported back to the Dungeon Lobby.

Waves or Phases are the amount of mobs that are currently spawned at a time. Each wave is recurrent, meaning that the game is completely INFINITE. Every TEN waves there will be an epic boss that spawns and there will be swarms of mobs every 15 waves! Bosses and Swarms get more difficult as waves go higher.

There are multiple maps to pick from and each map can go up to FOUR people, but it will work as well with one person. Maps have been setup and mobs will spawn on different points, where players will all spawn in the same point

Classes are the items that you use to fight mobs. There are currently FOUR available classes to pick from
  • Warrior
  • Tank
  • Archer
  • Alchemist
  • More to come...
We don’t allow you to use their own items as that can give you a bad advantage to other players

Rewards will be given every FIVE waves. Rewards can consist of Mineshards, Money, XP, and even awesome items to upgrade your island. These rewards will always get better as you play more!
Epic bosses and epic loot.

Are you ready for the all new boss system? Every 6 hours a new boss will spawn in the boss arena, and your job is to conquer it and then battle for your life to make it out alive with it's sweet loot.

In addition to the global one, you can also get your own personal boss for your island from the mythical crate, the summer crate, and the store!

Can you conquer all 4?
Are you ready for summer?

We know we are with our exclusive tags themed around vibes and feelings you'll have at your first day of summer!

Don't worry memers, we didn't forget about you!

As you may now we built an enormous PvP arena for Skyblock 9 - it was amazing, beautiful, and it was epic but unfortunately it was way too big (that's what she said)! The size of the map made PvP less enjoyable. For this map we have built a way smaller PvP arena and really focused on the PvP gameplay aspect. We truly think you guys will enjoy PvP on this map, the way we have built it will allow for new playstyles.

Think you can calculate advanced equations in your head? (Or a calculator) Think you're a fast typer?

Introducing all new chat games that will reward you on completion!

Change log:
  • Spawn updated
  • Island GUI updated
  • New skyblock rules
  • Economy updated and improved
  • Best spawner changed from Ghasts to Silverfish
  • Silverfish drop 1 - 3 emeralds
  • Witches drop 3 - 5 coal
  • Fixed a dupe that appeared in SB9
  • Token Shop updated with new items
  • New Clues added to Clue Scrolls
  • Minions updated
  • Custom Enchants updated
  • Sell prices with /sell are now the same as the ones in /shop
  • Reverted to previous player vault plugin
  • Added /shrug to the Supreme Rank
  • Added Dungeons
  • Added Bosses
  • Added MATH Chat Game
  • New tags
  • New PvP Arena
Starting staff changes:
  • Concealable promoted to Manager
  • Flinkie reinstated as Administrator
  • JPVader promoted to Moderator
  • Silllver promoted to Helper
  • ToxicFred promoted to Helper
  • Crystal_Essence promoted to Helper
  • Hitmanneke promoted to Helper
  • amvelia promoted to Helper

Island Top Competition ($1000 USD)
  • 1st Place - $300 PayPal & $300 Buycraft plus an exclusive "Map 10 Winner" tag to all island members
  • 2nd Place - $150 PayPal & $150 Buycraft
  • 3rd Place - $50 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
Please note that there will be one payment at the very end of the map. With that being said, management will notify the server several days before taking screenshots. Make sure all participating islands read the skyblock rules or risk disqualification.

Best Looking Island Competition ($250 USD)

  • 1st Place - $60 PayPal & $60 Buycraft plus an Exclusive "Map 10 Designer Pro" tag to all island members
  • 2nd Place - $40 PayPal & $40 Buycraft
  • 3rd Place - $25 PayPal & $25 Buycraft
A Google Form will be sent into announcements before the end of the map and island leaders will be able to submit their islands for review. After, staff will sort through the submissions and decide on the winners.

Discord -
Store -
Release Date - JUNE 22ND @ 2PM EST