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  1. AJ Kingelton.

    A Little Disapointed

    If you're talking about the high inconsistent rates on the Minesharp Banner in the multiplayer section of your screen as "Player Count.." It's bugged.
  2. AJ Kingelton.

    Youtuber Rank Application

    200+ Subs ..... check! You have over 200+ subs. You eligible for this rank. Please consider the following: You must be active within our network. You must contain a consistent/high view count on our Minesharp videos You must have at least one Minesharp video uploaded before applying You must...
  3. AJ Kingelton.

    A "One-Time" name change on the site

    They only change names for ones who sign up as staff+ I believe
  4. AJ Kingelton.

    (~ > , > )~

    (~ > , > )~
  5. AJ Kingelton.

    A "One-Time" name change on the site

    Make A "One-Time" name change on the site where we can change our name but only for one time. After that, you can't go back.
  6. AJ Kingelton.

    NA staff application awesomemaker123

    I hate short passages with little detail. Add more detail if you want staff!
  7. AJ Kingelton.

    Another mute

  8. AJ Kingelton.

    Muted people do the Events

    If you can't maintain your reputation, then don't get a YouTube rank. You've been muted for a reason and I see no effort to gain one while being punished
  9. AJ Kingelton.

    Adding "Email" into the "Identities" in Account Details.

    No. Sharing your own personal email along with others can follow up to consequences resulting in your own fault and action
  10. AJ Kingelton.

    NA Builder Application

    Could add more. Seems a bit too bland to me. ;)
  11. AJ Kingelton.

    Lord_Suhiho's (2nd?) Introduction!

    :> hello there
  12. AJ Kingelton.

    amvelia - Introduction

    uh... what....
  13. AJ Kingelton.

    My Suggestion, Perm mute hawkie

    If you're going to take out your hate on a person, please feel free to report him on discord or using the thread and post here
  14. AJ Kingelton.

    EU LineGolem Staff Application

    I'd be a lot more active if I were you. Activity counts if you want to get staff.
  15. AJ Kingelton.

    NA Staff Application-Ramzi65 (Helper)

    Put more details please. Thanks.
  16. AJ Kingelton.

    EU YouTube Rank (Liam022004)

    If you're planning to get a YT rank, you gotta be more active on YouTube. Base on what I know, your AFK and idling status is like a rollercoaster. Fix your schedule if you want to apply for this rank.
  17. AJ Kingelton.

    Official Skyblock (Map 8) - THE AWAKENING

    That usually resets a few days after the IS TOP event ends. We don't know when but please be patient. Also, ranks and other perks will not reset if you have bought one recently
  18. AJ Kingelton.

    NA EatYourGapples Staff Application

    You're not allowed to copy from another staff application or any other. That's called plagiarism and you'll be denied because of that. Also, don't use bold and color your questions in the template. Please stick to the original template that has been given and assigned to you to put your...
  19. AJ Kingelton.

    EU Staff application

    Add more detail there b. Don't let me down Hephai. Don't disappoint me. I'm also surprised that you're applying. Good luck there mate.