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  1. LineGolem

    NA TypicalMammoths's Staff Application

    Hey! Great application, i really liked reading it. I think you went off point on some of the questions but that isnt really that bad! That acctualy might be good. I think you have a good chance of becoming an helper! Good luck!
  2. LineGolem

    SA Helper application-monkeyman1021

    Good application, got you need to put more details into it. Put more time to create a good application with enough information of what you believe we want to hear! But good luck with you're application!
  3. LineGolem

    EU SpilledxMilk's Staff Application

    If you could give more info on how much you can play each week that would be good! Also more direct answears on your past experiences, like were you moderating or helping another server ect. Really good application but i'm missing more direct answears to some of the sections, Good luck!
  4. LineGolem

    NA Builder Application <3

    You are verry talented, a bit lack of detail but great building! Good luck!
  5. LineGolem

    EU Helper for Greg_Yt

    I like how you think! I'm not the greatest at english myself but i think its meant to be already =) Good luck on your application agian!
  6. LineGolem

    EU Helper for Greg_Yt

    I didnt notice anything big just some small ones like the last section Allready | but otherwise than that, i like your application and wish you good luck!
  7. LineGolem

    EU Helper for Greg_Yt

    Hey I would suggest working on grammar and a bit detail, otherwise good luck! =)
  8. LineGolem

    EU Eruv's Staff application

    Hey everybody has a chance to become staff, but you need to put more detail about yourself, if you got accepted they would not have your discord or your ign so it would be harder to contact you, also they don't know a lot about your past experience so they don't know if you are fit, the two last...
  9. LineGolem

    NA Helper application

    Hey, i'm just saying, about the past experience, commands isnt the only thing that is needed for you to know, buy everybody starts somewhere! Seems like a good application! Good luck!
  10. LineGolem

    AF VoidMe's Staff Application

    Hey great application but as already said, i havent seen you that much either, but i hope i will in the future. Good luck with your application!
  11. LineGolem

    And everybody did what the wise man said

    And everybody did what the wise man said
  12. LineGolem

    NA My staff application.

    Hey! great application. I don't have a lot to say because it already is said! Good Luck!
  13. LineGolem

    Just having a good time =)

    Just having a good time =)
  14. LineGolem

    NA Not this time

    Oh god
  15. LineGolem

    EU Staff Application

    Hey, i really like your application good amount of detail! Good luck.
  16. LineGolem


    I think i remember you i'm not really sure to be honest
  17. LineGolem

    EU LineGolem Staff Application

    What is your Minecraft username? - LineGolem What is your Discord name/tag? - LineGolem#6394 How long have you been playing on Minesharp? - I belive from one of the first seasons. How old are you? - i am 13 years old. What country and timezone are you in? - CEST On average, how many hours...
  18. LineGolem

    DrCobblestone's Apply for Helper

    Done and i did not copy Kewozzoo had it just like him in what needed so i did kinda not copy
  19. LineGolem

    DrCobblestone's Apply for Helper

    Ok i will change it thanks for the warning i did not know where to find the apply rules
  20. LineGolem

    DrCobblestone's Apply for Helper

    Sorry i did not know how to get the questions on it im so sorry but all the other is not copyed i just copyed the questions in answears! if u find something thats too much like Your i will change it! im soo soo sorry!