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    NA TypicalMammoths's Staff Application

    Hey! I've seen you very active before and I would say that you should be more active in chat. Overall great staff app! Good luck!
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    iiTaha mute appeal

    I personally have seen you be very toxic to the community. It’s a one week mute because it’s your second offense. Elaborate more in the last few questions.
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    Bacca's Ban Appeal

    You were banned as a warning, next time you use an auto clicker you will be punished accordingly! Wait out the punishment for now, only a couple more hours. Moved to Resolved Punishments Appeals.
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    EU SpilledxMilk's Staff Application

    Appeal Denied Thread Locked.
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    OC GreenoJnr15's Staff aplication

    Hey! I’ve seen you very active here. The only things that I can really think of is that you should fix some spelling, add some more to the last few questions, and be more active in chat! Thanks.
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    SA Staff application-monkeyman1021

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    SA Application-monkeyman1021

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    Ban Appeal

    Appeal Denied.
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    Skelly's Mute Appeal

    Everybody has been unmuted If perm.
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    SA my staff app.

    As Silver said, fix the errors such as spelling and add a lot more to the application to ensure that we know a lot about you as a member.
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    Cant Play cause of update

    You should be able to go to 1.8. After all, this server is 1.8.
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    AS Staff
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    AS Staff

    Apply with the format
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    EU Helper for Greg_Yt

    Add more info! Look at other people’s staff applications for help.
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    EU Eruv's Staff application

    It is a lack of detail. Answer the first questions. How can you use your experience on those servers here. How old are you should be one age. Also play more before you make another staff app. Good luck.
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    AF VoidMe's Staff Application

    I would say that it is a good application, however I don’t see you on that often and I would suggest playing more before you make a staff application. Good luck!
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    NA Helper application

    I don’t really feel like this is a real staff application. You need to add your Timezone, how many hours per week and not weekends you play. Tell us what you would do to make Minesharp a better environment and not only about greeting newcomers and warning but also helping with the newcomers and...
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    i have a unjustified warning

    I would like proof if you could give it to me please.
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    NA Staff Application

    Add more to the last two questions, Good luck!
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    OC Pandalover2000's aplication

    Add more to the questions and fix your spelling, Good luck!