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  1. Dutchy

    NA YTGingerBreadMan's Helper Application

    You see, i'm being nice to everyone (atleast i'm trying to). But when it comes to pvp, i kill you because it's the pvp arena. So killing you does not have anything to do with whether i like you or not. All i am saying is that i don't think your overal behaviour fits the staff role. I wish you...
  2. Dutchy

    NA YTGingerBreadMan's Helper Application

    I don’t think you should be staff. You always beg for stuff and it’s annoying plus the fact if you get attacked in pvp you start spamming the chat asking why someone kills you. Your overal behaviour does not fit a staff role at all. but of course, it’s not my task to decide upon that.
  3. Dutchy

    Minesharp staff are great!!

    wurst is a hacked client and therefore not allowed. not even on islands.
  4. Dutchy

    ccnick6's ban appeal

    As vlad said, "i know for a fact you're hacking". but before i go into detail, where can i find this 'proof' eh?
  5. Dutchy

    Ban appeal

    So, not guilty but you admit to selling racist items. Bruh moment.
  6. Dutchy

    NA Revalations Staff Application

    Bruh lmao
  7. Dutchy

    Better crates

    No, do not make the crates better. The economy is already ruined stop making it worse.
  8. Dutchy

    Can't access my old account.

  9. Dutchy

    Nightmare Quest Guide

  10. Dutchy

    Beat the staff extreme

    No never heard of it actually
  11. Dutchy

    Beat the staff extreme

  12. Dutchy

    Food name game!

  13. Dutchy

    Count to 1000

  14. Dutchy


  15. Dutchy

    NA Pxches Staff application.

    You’re a very friendly player and always helping. Apart from Some mistakes in this is a pretty good application. Good luck!
  16. Dutchy

    EU Helper Application [SaveKiwiBirds]

    Overall very good apply. Good luck!
  17. Dutchy

    I lost my keys during sumo

    Just send proof of your items to a staff and boom... problem solved!
  18. Dutchy

    i have something good calls /skulls

    Mehh, stop ruining the economy. ^-^
  19. Dutchy

    EU Dutchy's builder aplication.

    Teddyshadow would you please stop copying my reply to your staff application and using it here? There is no reason to be mad at me for giving you tips for your application and then coming into my application for builder telling me i'm toxic. Aswell as i'm not applying for staff but for builder...
  20. Dutchy

    EU BobHugfegger (Pinpoop)'s Staff Application

    All i'm saying is, you should come back when the time is right.