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  1. Dutchy

    EU Dutchy's Helper application.

    I'd like my application to get closed because shit happened.
  2. Dutchy

    EU Dutchy's Helper application.

    Aye, lovely my man. I really appreciate ya!
  3. Dutchy

    EU Dutchy's Helper application.

    Guess who's back, back again. Dutchy's back, tell a friend! What is your Minecraft username? - _Dutchy_ What is your Discord name/tag? - Dutchy#7265 How long have you been playing on Minesharp? - I've been playing on Minesharp since late season 3. How old are you? - 15 years young...
  4. Dutchy

    all stuff gone after reset

    I suggest you create a ticket about this matter in the Minesharp Discord. Forum responses usually take a bit longer. - Dutchy
  5. Dutchy

    EU Staff Application [HELPER]

    Hold up, this is an application inside an application? Homie this ain’t the right place.
  6. Dutchy

    EU zRxgg's staff application

    I don't really have anything to say apart from your grammar mistakes. I don't really know you personally, and the detail in this application seems okay too. So there's really not a lot for me to say. Good luck! - Dutchy
  7. Dutchy

    NA Knights Amazing Staff App!!!!

    Promoted to: SkyGod++
  8. Dutchy

    NA SoftPP's Staff Application

    This is actually one of the best applications I've ever seen to be honest... In terms of comedy. Obviously this was meant as a joke so I think you can guess whether or not this will get denied/accepted. - Dutchy
  9. Dutchy

    Auristy's Ban Appeal

    Welp, I believe you were already unbanned. So nothing to add really. I guess, have a good one! ^-^
  10. Dutchy

    Yeah, For sure

    You will not be unbanned as we have valid proof of you making IRL threats. You’ve been causing nothing but drama. You’ve threatened to “leak someone’s nudes”, to “get someone’s application denied”, to “get someone demoted,” and to “hurt someone IRL”. We can not show you the proof due to the...
  11. Dutchy


    I suggest you add some detail in your appeal. Explain why you used said Macro in the first place, and why you deserve a seccond chance. - Dutchy
  12. Dutchy

    NA JustaNoobKoala Staff Application

    Hi, thanks for applying for staff on the Minesharp network, we appreciate you wanting to help. However, I have some feedback. The look. I see little to no grammar mistakes, good job on that. However, make sure you put periods at the end of your sentences. Double check with a spell checker if...
  13. Dutchy

    AS Dragonss's Staff Application

    Hi, good start. I got some feedback for ya! The look of your application. I see some grammatical incorrect sentences here and there, (capitalize the 'i') but not too many. I like what you did to seperate the questions and answers from each other, makes it easy to read. The overall look of your...
  14. Dutchy

    NA Auristy's Staff Application

    This application is just 10/10. I see no grammar mistakes, your application is easy to read, you used some color and made questions bold, the look of your application is just straight up 'wow!' I have a bit of feedback though, on the question 'Do you have any past experience as a moderator?'...
  15. Dutchy

    AF VoidMe's Staff Application

    I suggest you use this one. It’s pretty good.
  16. Dutchy

    AF VoidMe's Staff Application

    Hey, your application definitely has a solid start. Though, I have some feedback. The look of your application. By just looking at your application (not really looking at your answers), I can see a couple of issues. Here and there, I see some grammatical incorrect sentences. If needed, double...
  17. Dutchy

    EU helper application

    Hi, your application has a good start, but I have some feedback to make it even better! Overall look. Before I start reading an application, I always take a peak at the overall look of the application. Just the look of an application, can tell me how much time you’ve put into writing it. I see...
  18. Dutchy

    Advertisement on other servers. [Information].

    Oh, in that case.... THIS