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  1. ItIsWatItIs

    NA Auristy's Staff Application

    After reviewing your app and certain events have taken part the decision has been made to deny this application. Feel free to re-apply in 2-3 weeks. Good luck!~ Application: DENIED
  2. ItIsWatItIs

    EU YamZ_HD Helper Application

    Application moved to consideration! Next Step: Interview ! Good luck !
  3. ItIsWatItIs

    NA Auristy's Staff Application

    I'd say more detail on the Minesharp environment question, as well as the Why should we pick you, as you're aware a lot of players are going to base you off of your past, and you're going to have that come up a lot and personally seeing how you react to that is going to be very important to us...
  4. ItIsWatItIs


  5. ItIsWatItIs


    Welcome back Recolored. UNBANNED
  6. ItIsWatItIs

    EU helper application

    Seen you online a lot; would very much recommend being more active in chat and the community. Adding some more detail into your answers would go a long way too, good luck.
  7. ItIsWatItIs

    Advertisement on other servers. [Information].

    Mainly a UK/America thing, saying "THIS!" when we see something we agree with, like "YES THIS. EXACTLY!"
  8. ItIsWatItIs

    NA Staff Application.

  9. ItIsWatItIs

    If you on the forums comment under this, social experiment ;) :cool:

    If you on the forums comment under this, social experiment ;) :cool:
  10. ItIsWatItIs

    false ban

    You quite literally admitted to hacking; admitting that your hacks allowed you to win CF's. Threatening people not to go to KoTh. Your ban for me will remain; if another Sr Staff member disagrees we will go from there.
  11. ItIsWatItIs

    unknown reason of ban

    You were quite literally caught "insiding" an Island. You were on KibAU's island and you switched his sell chests to be in your posession and made him lose money he couldn't afford to lose.
  12. ItIsWatItIs

    Unban Appeal

    This whole thing is undoubtedly going to be discussed upon the staff team. You've been around for a long time and it would be a shame to see you perm banned but at the same time you knew what you were doing and the risks you were taking. You've also shown to act quite toxic in chat...
  13. ItIsWatItIs

    Isolation Easter tings bois !! We thinking 2020 Easter crate? ;)

    Isolation Easter tings bois !! We thinking 2020 Easter crate? ;)
  14. ItIsWatItIs

    NA GrimFey Staff Application

    Love this application, best of luck. Reckon we'll be seeing that Helper tag soon yano.. XP
  15. ItIsWatItIs

    SA Liam1302 Staff application

    What Silver said, also I would like to see you being a little more active in game before applying for Staff. You only joined the server a few days ago and I would like to see you being active for at least 3 weeks before applying for Staff. My opinion is, for now. That this application should...
  16. ItIsWatItIs

    EU OweLifeMC's staff application #2

    Lacks detail You're a good player, very active but I'd say make sure you're a little more active and keep in mind that Staff are not allowed to AFK which I know you do occassionally so please keep that in mind. good luck.
  17. ItIsWatItIs

    EU OwerLifeMC's Staff Application

    Your application is going to need a lot more detail in the answers if you want to progress, good luck
  18. ItIsWatItIs

    NA Jeandabuilder's Staff Application

    I think your answer to "Why we should pick you over somebody else" could use a little more detail and specifics, other than that, decent application. Good luck!
  19. ItIsWatItIs

    NA WhoseNeri Staff App #2

    You show a consistent toxicity when playing on Minesharp and openly admit to hacking on other servers and that isn't someone who I personally, as a member of this community would want on the staff team, best of luck anyhow. -ASP